Show, don’t tell

Showcasing our product UI in relevant context allows us to visualize important features and how they work—without wordy explanations. Use product UI to highlight ease of use and business impact.

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Product UI spectrum

Our brand utilizes product UI across the entire customer journey. How it’s styled and what fidelity it’s shown in depends on where the viewer is in the marketing funnel. The UI should become more defined and representative of the product the closer someone gets to purchase and use.

Abstraction approach

We abstract our product in multiple ways, either by simplifying and removing elements that are unnecessary to the story, or by pulling UI out of its setting to focus on a specific interaction or feature.

This style works best when making general statements about the product and its broad functionality.
This style works best when referencing a specific feature or interaction that we want customers to focus on.

UI animation

When possible, product UI should include motion to bring it to life. This helps communicate the value and ease of DocuSign to our customers even more clearly. These animations can be used across all company touchpoints, from ads to product emails to internal presentations.

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