In good company

In the spirit of bringing people together, we often co-host events and co-create content with our partners. Our partnership lockups are used for communication around approved DocuSign partnerships.

Download co-branding template
Includes EPS, and PDF files

Lockup options

Set co-branded logos next to or under the DocuSign logo with a simple rule divider. The lockups you create depend on the shape of the partner logo and its brand standards.

Horizontal lockup
Many logos contain a word mark. In these cases, use the word mark and align it to the baseline of the DocuSign logo. If the width of the partner logo is >50% less than the width of the DocuSign logo, it may take on the height of the Sig icon.
Vertical lockup
Stack the logos with a rule divider.  Set the height of the partner logo equal to the height of the Sig icon. Center align the partner logo to the width of the DocuSign logo.

Explore examples

View a selection of approved usage featuring co-branding with our partners.

Mistakes to avoid

Always use the correct logo lockup to maintain the integrity of the DocuSign logo and all partner logos. Here are common mistakes to avoid.

Altering rule divider
Don't alter or modify the rule divider line height or stroke thickness.
Altering space
Don't alter or modify the space between the logos and rule divider.
Re-ordering logos
Don't alter the order of logos. The DocuSign logo should always take the lead.