The symbol of agreement

Like each of our one billion signers, each signature is unique. It symbolizes an agreement between one person and another. Our hand-drawn signature elements add a one-of-a-kind human touch to our brand. 

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SVG images

Just like every agreement is unique, every signature is too, and it represents people finding common ground. Using signature lockups in our brand elements is a great way to emphasize this concept while referencing this main action taken in our core product.

Signature guidelines

We use an array of signatures to represent the signing experience. Signatures may contain attributions that change based on the persona of the signer. Always use correctly formatted attributions. For a list of acceptable mockup signatures, refer to the signature dictionary.


Explore examples

Here are a few approved uses of signatures and accompanying attributions.

Mistakes to avoid

Keep the stroke weight in mind when using signatures. We don’t want these elements to look like they were signed with a marker (too thick) or a pencil (too thin).

Stroke too heavy
Stroke too thin
Correct stroke weight


For both consistency and simplicity, we’ve created a standard attribution format across customers, businesses, partners and employees. The only thing that will differ is the types of information shown, depending on the persona.  Name, role and business name should never wrap beyond one line.  If a role is longer than visually acceptable, you may simplify the role (e.g., Executive briefing consultant becomes Consultant).

One person, no company reference

Grace Zhang


One person, company referenced

Grace Zhang

Business name

Owner of a small or medium business

Grace Zhang

Business name

Multiple people: include their business name

Business name

One employee: include their first name, last initial and job role

Grace Z.