The way the world agrees™

Our tagline is our rally cry. It makes a bold statement about our position in the marketplace. Think of it as the essence of DocuSign: a memorable mini-story that communicates the scale of what we do.

The way the world agrees

The way is our products, used by millions everyday. The world is our vast audience, anyone coming together to find common ground and agree.


Use our tagline “The way the world agrees™” with intention and integrity by following the guidelines below for correct usage, whether it’s applied as a headline, a logo or as a standalone in body text.


When using our primary brand message as a headline, “The way the world agrees™” should be paired with artwork. It may be aligned flush left or centered, but never flush right in a layout. The tagline is always typeset in DS Indigo, sentence case, bold, includes the trademark symbol (™) and should not include a period. To avoid redundancy, don’t use it in combination with the approved logo and tagline configurations.

The way the world agrees

Lockup configurations

There are three approved configurations for our tagline logo shown below. Use the arrangement most appropriate for the communication format and design layout.

Stacked with logo
Stacked with sig icon

Clear space

Maintain a clear space that is, at minimum, equivalent to 25% of the height of the Sig icon all around the complete logo tagline. This rule applies across all three approved configurations.

Minimum size

Optimal size for print is 1-1.25" and the minimum width for web is between 100-120px.

Docusign The way the world agrees

Body text

When used in body text, “The way the world agrees™” should be typeset in sentence case, bold and stand alone. It should be the same type size and color as the body copy, and should include a period.

Explore examples

Here are a few approved uses of our tagline.

Mistakes to avoid

It’s crucial to use “The way the world agrees®” consistenly and correctly for brand awareness and trademark protection. Don’t alter it in any way or use it incorrectly. A few examples of misuse are shown below.

Altering the font weight
Don’t alter the font weight of the tagline.
Leaving the trademark symbol out
Always include the trademark symbol (™) when using the tagline.
Separating the tagline text into two lines
Don’t alter or separate the tagline text into two lines with any of the tagline logo configurations.
Using two taglines in the same space
When using “The way the world agrees™” as a headline, don’t use any of the tagline logo lockup configurations in the same space.
Creating custom new lockup
Don’t attempt to create your own tagline logo configuration.
Altering type size and colors in body text
Don’t change the type size or color of “The way the world agrees™” within body text.