Do's & don'ts

In general, DocuSign copy should respect the reader's time by providing information without wasting words. Here's a short list of descriptors to aim for:

On the whole, the DocuSign voice should be:
Simple, but smart
Clever, but not cutesy
Friendly, but not folksy
Informative, but not dull
Fun, but not kooky
At the sentence level, DocuSign copy should be:

What to avoid

There are lots of words/phrases, but if we tell you that “get the feelz, for realz” and “banger” are outlawed, and that we do not say something “slaps” or is “lit” or “the bomb,” you get the idea, right? Word.

Negative statements: “Managing all those documents is a nightmare.” “Keeping track of contracts is making your life a living hell.”
Expressions of reassurance: “Really.” “Seriously.” “Trust us.”
Starting paragraphs with questions: “Ever wished you could speed things up and stop wasting paper?” or “BigCo needed to keep track of millions of contracts. But how could they do it?”
Acronyms: OMG, LOL, WTF.
Clichés: No “thinking outside the box,” or “drinking the Kool-Aid.”
Informal contractions: You’re kinda gonna wanna avoid ‘em.
Puns: They’re like elevator music—bad on so many levels.
Slang: “No biggie,” “that sucks,” “killing it” and “screwed up.”
“ If it sounds like writing, I rewrite it. ”
—Elmore Leonard