Drawing connection

Like the fluid motion of ink on paper, our illustration style is organic but clean. It helps us visualize the moments a signature represents: a business deal, a new job, a new home and so much more.

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Our illustration should always have a clear purpose, complementing its associated content. Our style is friendly, flowing lines referencing a written signature, and its intent is to help make a human connection to the moments we help make possible.

Our style

Our illustration style should flow easily, without quick cuts or unnatural endpoints. Linework should be continuous, or as close to continuous as possible.

The stroke should be smooth so the artwork reads as digital (not analog), and should be mono-stroked throughout the composition, without changes in thickness.

Color & Application

Artwork should be the color of the signature it is connected with in context, most often black. When no signature is connected, it should be black or white depending on the contrast.

Backgrounds for illustrations can be flat or photographic, and should strive to achieve a clear sense of heirarchy. Photographic backgrounds shouldn’t be too busy or include details that make the illustration hard to see.

Stroke color guidance

This graphic shows which stroke color to use for illustrations based on the darkness and luminosity of the background.

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