DocuSign is the way the world agrees.™ It’s where people come together and find common ground. Like a firm handshake, every decision in our brand is made with intention. 

Sign on the dotted line

Our logo and Sig icon serve as symbols for anyone and everyone making their mark. Because you don’t just sign anywhere. Sign here. 

A fresh take on familiar hues  

Equal parts classic and eye-catching, our brand colors pay homage to white paper, black ink and neon highlighters used to draw attention to noteworthy details. 

Tech with a human touch

Like the lines of a hand-drawn signature, our illustration style brings a sense of humanity to the process. Each illustration is unique, just like each signature. 

More Brand Elements 

We use photography to create authentic connections.
Signature Elements
Each signature is unique. It adds a human element to our brand.
Our custom typeface keeps designs clean and consistent across all mediums.
Data Visualization
When presented visually, data allows us to showcase a variety of brand stories.