The face
of DocuSign

DocuSign is not only the industry-standard for agreements, it invented the category. As a reflection of this status, the DocuSign logo conveys confidence, humanity and practicality. When using the logo, use it wisely. That means wherever you place it, make sure that the materials are current and best reflect DocuSign as it is today.


There are two versions of our logo. Use the black logo on light backgrounds and the white logo on dark backgrounds. Always take into consideration the legibility of the logo in relation to size and contrast with the background.


Use a black logo on backgrounds that are light


Use a white logo on backgrounds that are dark


Clear space is the area surrounding the logo that must be kept free of other graphic elements to ensure legibility on all communications. This clear space allows it to stand out clearly and distinctly in any environment. Clear space is built into each logo asset as the size of the canvas or artboard. In vector files, the clear space is designated by a stroke at the trim that does not have color.

The Sig

Our icon is derived from the product experience pioneered—the signature. It is used to represent our product and company in places where our word mark can't fit—uses like our app icon, favicon, integrations, and more.

Logo + Sig Lockups

The DocuSign Logo and the Sig can be locked up where appropriate. The DocuSign wordmark should line up to the top of the arrow and bottom of the underline of the Sig—not the top and bottom of the Sig container. The space between them should be 50% of the Sig size.


The Sig can be locked to the left of the logo


The Sig can be locked to the right of the logo

Logo Lockups

We often reference our products online and in marketing materials using a lockup. These use an inline or stacked variation of the logo and utilize the same typeface and type size to bring uniformity to the visual. An example for eSignature—including construction guidelines—is below.
Product wordmark
Product wordmark
We like to make friends, and that means that we often host events or create content alongside partner companies and customers. These lockups will help you handle situations where our brand needs to exist amongst others. Co-branded logos should be set next to or under the DocuSign logo with a simple rule-divider.
Co-branding lockup
Co-branding lockup