Tell a story
with pictures

Our photography is fun, human, and bold. It is used with purpose. It represents an unscripted moment in time, and an emotional connection is made through the image.

What To Do

Imagery reflects our brand. Its composition should be engaging and authentic. Select images that reflect a snapshot in time—life moments and real scenarios. Choose narratives, environments, and textures that tell a story without words.


This photo works with the brand guidelines because it's person-centric, set in a real context, and reflects our customers.

What Not To Do

Avoid the obvious, see-and-say, and anything that feels like stock imagery. Make sure people do not appear to be posed, or staged. Avoid tricks and effects, such as washes or vignettes, obvious retouching, or other image manipulation.


This photo fails to fit the brand for myriad reasons: it's a posed still-life, processed in black and white, and overly hardware-focused.

Photo Examples

Picking the right photo can be hard, so instead of writing guidelines we thought we'd just show what photos do and don't make the cut. If a picture is worth a thousand words, then these galleries should cover the usual written rules.